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Delivering on Promises, Moving Java Forward: Henrik Stahl at JavaOne 2011

October 12th, 2011
As you may remember last year at JavaOne, we had the privilege to interview Oracle's Product and Strategy lead for the Java Platform, Henrik Stahl.

The entire theme of JavaOne this year was "Moving Java Forward", and boy is it ever! The vibe at the conference was great compared to last year. We'll most likely be doing a JavaOne 2011 recap episode soon, so I'll save the rest for then.

Have a listen, Henrik has really delivered for us Java folks, and we should tip our hats in appreciation.

Listen here:




Transcript of our Interview with Justin Kestelyn and Henrik Stahl

October 1st, 2010
Oracle's Justin Kestelyn & Henrik Stahl Interview TranscriptThe interview with Oracle's Justin Kestelyn & Henrik Stahl, although pretty decent in audio quality, had more than a few requests for a transcription. So Craig Tataryn (that's me!) hammered out a transcript for all to see (and pick a part).

Click the image on the left to view!

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The Future of Java Rides on Guys Like These: Interview with Oracle’s Justin Kestelyn and Henrik Stahl

September 29th, 2010

Edit: The transcript can be found here

Justin KestelynHenrik Stahl

Once again we present another special Basement Coders podcast Live from Oracle's JavaOne conference in San Francisco.

We sit down with Oracle's Justin Kestelyn head of Oracle's OTN network and Henrik Stahl, product and strategy lead for Java Platform technologies to talk about the challenges they faced integrating the Oracle and Java communities and Oracle's commitment and goals for Java and the Open Source community

We think this makes for a nice contrast with our previous talk with James Gosling. If Justin, Henrik and Oracle can deliver on what is said in this cast, then Java is in good hands. It was great that both Henrik and Justin could take time out of their busy schedules, I mean quite literally JavaOne for them is an absolute roller coaster ride, so we appreciate very much the opportunity to talk with them.

Listen here:




Note: As with our previous cast, this one was taped guerrila-style from the Mason St. Tent. For the most part it's ok, but from 11:36-15:18 minutes, you'll hear the Google lady get on her microphone to prod geeks into playing with Lego. Someone should have told her: you don't need a microphone to get geeks to play with Lego! Wait out the background noise and things go back to normal.

Before you accuse us of using "kid gloves" or skirting the real issues surrounding Oracle and Java it should be known that we had an Oracle PR chaperon overseeing the cast (you can see her in the pic below). It's why you won't hear the words "Google", "JCP" or "lawsuit" anywhere in this cast. That being said, we tried to get answers for the Open Source community as to the direction Oracle is taking things. I think Henrik and Justin did a great job, they seem very committed to Java's future.

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