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Episode 59 – On Bitcoin and kids gaming

On this episode Guillermo and I don't do much development talk, but instead we chat about Bitcoin and how Guillermo's mining machine is doing.

Also, what is the appropriate time to get your son or daughter into some of the more "adult" games like Call of Duty? Guillermo and I have differing thoughts on at what age a kid should try certain games, and what the consequences might be.

Of course the chief topic on people's minds when it comes to games is "will the violence transmute itself to real-life". We have many examples of kids acting out violence in our society, but did "video games make them do it"? Anita Sarkeesian thinks so, thunderf00t doesn't.


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Craig Tataryn started his career as a Visual Basic programmer, but don't hold that against him! The system he helped create was a cutting edge, n-tiered revenue collection system whose transactions per second metric was off the charts! Around the year 2000 he discovered Struts and never looked back. A professional Java developer for close to a decade, Craig has worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from Recruiting, Purchase order, Revenue collection and Mortgage systems. More recently Craig has written web services for children's educational toys and has honed his skills on Wicket, SOA and iOS application development. "I love to learn and more importantly I love to teach. Hoarding knowledge is one of the most petty and selfish things you can do, especially as a contractor. This is why I always make it a point to document and share my knowledge with my client's employees"

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