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Episode 57 – And we’re back! EVE Online, Japanese and Conferences

Well remember when we told you folks we were just going to go down to the corner store for a pack of smokes, and then kind of never came back? Well we're back! Hopefully we can be friends again.

EVE Online Hacking

EVE Online
In today's episode JavaGeek and I talk about his facination with the MMORPG EVE Online. Charactarized as "Spreadsheets in Space", EVE requires a lot of attention and learning. Being a programmer, JavaGeek of course had to develop a set of tools to give him the upper hand.

If you are at all interested in trying EVE yourself, please use JavaGeek's referral link. That way, he'll get a bonus (which he'll share with you, just hit him up on twitter). The credits he can give you through the referral help tremendously as a new player.


Learning a New Language...

Ever want to learn another language? I'm not talking Ruby, I mean an actual spoken language? Well, I'm currently learning Japanese, and I've drawn some interesting parallels to it and Programming.
Human Japanese
I also discuss a really awesome tool called "Human Japanese" I picked up for iOS and MacOSX. The teaching style used in this courseware is exactly how I learn things myself. I fail terribly when I try to learn a language conversational, I need to know rules and why things are the way they are so I can then reason my way through a conversation.


And finally, Conferences. I bitch a bit about JavaOne from a speaker's perspective, wax prophetic about this curious "Diversity Scholarship" that Strange Loop has going on and express my desire to checkout QCon SF.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Listen here:



P.S. Hey, look at who Mayumi and I met up with after JavaOne 2013!



About the Author

Craig Tataryn started his career as a Visual Basic programmer, but don't hold that against him! The system he helped create was a cutting edge, n-tiered revenue collection system whose transactions per second metric was off the charts! Around the year 2000 he discovered Struts and never looked back. A professional Java developer for close to a decade, Craig has worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from Recruiting, Purchase order, Revenue collection and Mortgage systems. More recently Craig has written web services for children's educational toys and has honed his skills on Wicket, SOA and iOS application development. "I love to learn and more importantly I love to teach. Hoarding knowledge is one of the most petty and selfish things you can do, especially as a contractor. This is why I always make it a point to document and share my knowledge with my client's employees"

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