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Episode 57 – And we’re back! EVE Online, Japanese and Conferences

July 27th, 2014
Well remember when we told you folks we were just going to go down to the corner store for a pack of smokes, and then kind of never came back? Well we're back! Hopefully we can be friends again.

EVE Online Hacking

EVE Online
In today's episode JavaGeek and I talk about his facination with the MMORPG EVE Online. Charactarized as "Spreadsheets in Space", EVE requires a lot of attention and learning. Being a programmer, JavaGeek of course had to develop a set of tools to give him the upper hand.

If you are at all interested in trying EVE yourself, please use JavaGeek's referral link. That way, he'll get a bonus (which he'll share with you, just hit him up on twitter). The credits he can give you through the referral help tremendously as a new player.

Learning a New Language...

Ever want to learn another language? I'm not talking Ruby, I mean an actual spoken language? Well, I'm currently learning Japanese, and I've drawn some interesting parallels to it and Programming.
Human Japanese
I also discuss a really awesome tool called "Human Japanese" I picked up for iOS and MacOSX. The teaching style used in this courseware is exactly how I learn things myself. I fail terribly when I try to learn a language conversational, I need to know rules and why things are the way they are so I can then reason my way through a conversation.


And finally, Conferences. I bitch a bit about JavaOne from a speaker's perspective, wax prophetic about this curious "Diversity Scholarship" that Strange Loop has going on and express my desire to checkout QCon SF.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Listen here:



P.S. Hey, look at who Mayumi and I met up with after JavaOne 2013!



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