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Episode 53 – Interview with Erkki Lindpere – Scala Sink or Swim

May 3rd, 2012
As mentioned in our previous cast with Jevgeni Kabanov, a fellow by the name of Erkki Lindpere from ZeroTurnaround wrote a three-part series of blog posts titled "Scala Sink or Swim". Basically a set of things you should know before considering Scala for a project. An excellent read, and I highly recommend you check it out.

From the moment I read the title I thought "oh boy, let the flame wars begin!" and they did for a while in the comments section of the blog. However, the ZeroTurnaround guys aren't a lot to be pushed around. You can talk Monads and all sorts of category theory. They'll respond in kind. You can tell them "you aren't smart enough to undersand what you are talking about" and they'll point you to their doctoral thesis on the subject at hand. They are a smart bunch, and Erkki is certainly no exception. Especially since Erkki is a self proclaimed lover of the Scala language! He's just pragmatic and down-to-earth as well. He points out the "Elephant in the room", instead of trying to step around it.

The posts resonated very well with me, a lot of the pain points associated with Scala are laid out in *plain english*. I found myself nodding my head much more than shaking it back and forth (until I got to the comments section, then there was a lot of head shaking). Everything is in there from the S in SBT perhaps being mislabeled to the complexities that library developers can introduce into your program *just because they can*.

So I highly recommend you have a read, and then a listen!

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