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Episode 50 – Interview with Josh Long of VMWare – SpringSource

January 29th, 2012
The Spring Framework is the defacto Swiss Army Knife framework for Java. If you know Java, but don't know Spring, you don't *really* know Java. One of the top reasons to use Spring is, although vendor supported, it's open source software. Navigating through the Spring Framework's code base is like seeing how code *should* be written. Design patterns abound, exception handling is taken seriously and the documentation is pretty stellar for open source code.

Josh Long is VMWare's Spring Developer Advocate, he educates developers on the merits of the Spring Framework and gathers feedback, concerns and enhancements that he takes directly to the committers of Spring. In this episode (wow 50!) Josh takes us through the new features to be found in Spring 3.1 (caching, configuration profiles, etc...). Josh was a great guest, and we hope to have him on again sometime!

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