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Episode 47 – Fork You Growl! Interview with Perry Metzger

October 20th, 2011
Scumbag Growl
For those who may not know, the developer of Growl, that great little notifier app for OSX decided they should be paid for their work. There is one slight problem however. Growl is Open Source Software.

It's not like we've never seen this before. A company starts an open source product, gets a bunch of people to contribute to it and then keeps a separate branch of development for themselves and their paying customers. Eventually enhancements and bug fixes make their way into the Open Source version of the product. In the case of Growl however OSX Lion happened, and what better way to profit than to create a private branch of Growl, put all the fixes needed to operate Growl under OSX Lion and throw it up on the AppStore for $1.99. Yeah, they never bothered to feed the fixes back into the OSS version of Growl. They took their proverbial ball and they're going straight to the bank with it.
Testing Mother Fuckers Do You Do It
One of the biggest problems with this approach, other than the fact they just pissed off a lot of people who beleive strongly in OSS, is that Growl is still broken. So you pay your $1.99 and it no workie.

So while these snake-oil salesmen are busy fleecing their users via the AppStore along comes a guy who's had just about enough. A paying customer who was extremely dishearten by the fact a piece of software he paid for just didn't work as advertised. His name is Perry Metzger, and he forked Growl. Not only did he fork it, he fixed it, and it's free. Now the road for Perry wasn't smooth, he tried to reason with the authors of Growl, he tried to help existing users who were left out in the cold, and the thanks he got was a cease and desist and a one month ban from the Growl mailing list. Open Source Software indeed.

Have a listen to Perry's story and please let him know he's fighting the good fight.


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The Basement Coders welcome Heath Kesler aboard!

October 13th, 2011
Heath Kesler, Guillermo Castro and Jeff Genender
We have a new Basement Coder! Heath Kesler (the guy on the left) has been a long-time friend of the podcast and will be coming aboard to help increase the number of casts. With such busy schedules, the Basement Coders sometimes find it tough to synchronize Swatches so having an extra hand on deck will definitely help. Heath not only brings his vast SOA knowledge to the table, but also his GWT expertise, something us Wicket-snobs look forward to debating with him.

So from all of us at the Basement Coders, we'd like to welcome you aboard Heath!



Delivering on Promises, Moving Java Forward: Henrik Stahl at JavaOne 2011

October 12th, 2011
As you may remember last year at JavaOne, we had the privilege to interview Oracle's Product and Strategy lead for the Java Platform, Henrik Stahl.

The entire theme of JavaOne this year was "Moving Java Forward", and boy is it ever! The vibe at the conference was great compared to last year. We'll most likely be doing a JavaOne 2011 recap episode soon, so I'll save the rest for then.

Have a listen, Henrik has really delivered for us Java folks, and we should tip our hats in appreciation.

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