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Episode 2 – UUIDs

Recorded Nov 2007 (yes that long ago)

In our second episode, Alex, Craig and Marc had a chat about UUIDs, specifically their function in terms of a database. Are they overkill? When would you need them?. As always, we also drank some beer.


UUID on Wikipedia

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  1. December 26th, 2011 at 14:20 | #1

    I just started with your blog so I don’t know who’s who yet (and I know, I’m late ;) . But I don’t understand the guy who doesn’t like UUIDs in dbs. I think it’s stupid to use them when we already have a natual key for entities, but it shouldn’t be a problem when we just substitute an int (which we can’t and don’t have to remember most of the time) with a string (which we can’t remember).
    The example for the customer-id is something different: like the other guy said: it’s user facing, we can see it and use it in the “real” life. So it always depends on the project. I think when only the db or developer has to do with those UUIDs it can be used :)

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